Welcome to the

Crackerjack Film Fund 2021

Successful entrants will be notified

by May 5th. 

Countdown over!

Kickstart your career.

In our search to find emerging new talent, we are giving away £30,000 this year alongside feedback opportunities and continued support.

1st grant deadline is 1st May 2021

with a Grand Prize of £10,000

and 2 Runner-up Prizes of £1,000 each.



Although based in the UK, this fund will accept story tellers, script writers and

filmmakers from around the globe. All entrants who are not UK residents must be able to attend the Finalists Day in London. 


We'll consider a range of projects, including scripts, story boards and proof of concept shorts. We'll also accept filmed projects

searching for finishing funds.




* All ages are welcome.

* Any genre can enter.

* Submissions must be made in English, or have English subtitles.

* Where possible, winners should consider accepting Crackerjack Fund volunteers as runners to provide experience for young adults aged 16-25.

* Entrants must be able to attend the Finalists Day, if chosen.

* Should there be more than one creator, all parties must consent. If selected, teams will have to  nominate one person to attend the Finalists Day.

* All entrants who are not UK residents must be able to attend the Finalists Day and it is the responsibility of the entrant to meet all costs of travel and accommodation and to arrange all necessary visa requirements resulting from participation in The Crackerjack Fund.

* You may submit as many projects as you desire.

* The Crackerjack fund must be listed as one of the production companies in the film's credits.

* Creators must own the copyright or the project must be original.

* The winners must prepare a trailer for The Crackerjack Fund to use on their website and other  promotional material.

* It is the responsibility of the entrant to clear any copyrighted music or other items.

* Short films are preferred.

* Music videos structured like short films will be considered.

* Fees are handled through Stripe. All major Credit Cards are accepted.

* Crackerjack Fund staff are unable to apply.



Thanks for submitting!

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